update, finally!!

Yes I finally have free time! And will be updating more often! I am really, really, really, really, and really sorry for basically abandoning the community. :( My honest apologies.

So its UPDAAATE TIME!! I hope you guys like it, honestly I kept deleting stuff because I felt like I forgot how to make stuff....


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Finally been feeling a little inspired. Lets hope this stays for a long time! I really miss making icons. But right now I'm to lazy to go look for good images.

If you guys would be so kind and to spam me with some? If you all haven't forgotten me!

Would love some of Vampire Dairies, Gossip Girl, 90210, Melrose Place, Bollywood, and just anything else that's hot. But honestly anything! (even stock)


New Year Gifts

I don't have any new work for everyone but I made icons for my dear friends at Bollyspice Forums. (: Thought I show them here as well.

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